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deep conversion car park berlin

Together with Octave Perrault and DPAx (Dominique Perrault Architecture's research platform), w:a is planning the "deep conversion" of a multi-story parking garage in a central location in Berlin into a hybrid-used building for service and light industrial work.

The approximately 12,000 sq. ft. GFA structure from the 1970s is composed of precast reinforced concrete (columns, beams) and cast-in-place concrete slabs and has a low ceiling height and significant building depth. The "deep conversion" scenario proposes demolishing the main ramp level, creating an interior courtyard for light, ventilation, and space for a central stairwell and elevator core. The partial demolition of floor slabs allows for open and flexible units for office and commercial uses, light manufacturing, and artists' studios. Each united is accessible from a central delivery zone via freight elevator. A new building envelope ensures energy quality and provides areas for regenerative solar use.





Octave Perrault, DPAx (Dominique Perrault Architecture's research platform)

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