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apartments garmisch-partenkirchen

Not far from the Zugspitzbahn, an ensemble of four high-quality holiday and residential buildings with a total of 46 apartments and a gross floor area of approx. 8300 sqm is being built. An apartment building with a flat roof forms a clear urban edge to the north-east of Olympiastraße and the railway line. The three other buildings, on the other hand, are based on the local Alpine architecture in terms of their cubature and in particular the sloping roof shapes and reinterpret them. The striking shape of the building is created by arranging two gables on the long side, which creates a dynamic roof landscape. At the same time, this is a modern answer to the specifications of the applicable design statute. The roof overhang and balconies are combined into one volume by a surrounding wooden cladding.

residential / hotel


2018 - under construction

fotos nakatomi architectural visualizations

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