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Exhibition architecture Kunstverein in Hamburg

Lennart Wolff designed the exhibition architecture for LaToya Ruby Frazier's exhibition Flint is Family, Act III at Hamburger Kunstverein. As part of the Hamburg Triennial of Photography, the project curated by Nicholas Tammens presents the final part of a photo series documenting the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, which lasted from 2014 to 2019. Through chronicling the stories of Flint residents, Frazier shows the immediate impact on the lives of community members of industry and government's neglect of the city's water supply.

Curated by Nicholas Tammens
Exhibition design: Lennart Wolff
Transcription: Michal Raz-Russo
Translation: Vanessa Joan Muller
Graphic Concept: Duncan Whyte / LaToya Ruby Frazier
Graphics: Ziga Testen, Kim Mumm Hansen




photos Fred Dott

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