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Day of the open monument in the historical city estate Hellersdorf

Last Sunday we organized together with our partner office a++ a guided tour through the historic city estate Hellersdorf. Colleague Steffen Adam explained the background of the historic estate in the context of the urban development of Berlin to the approximately 30 interested guests. It consists of a total of 13 individual monuments. The former calf barn has a special feature: its outer walls were made of lime pisé - a method similar to a rammed earth wall. There are only very few buildings of this type in Germany. In contrast, it was much more common in France. The test area for the repair of this wall construction shows a light, almost natural stone-like quality. In addition to the sustainable and durable component quality, we are looking forward to the final visual result. The construction site for the supplementary new building, which we are planning on behalf of GESOBAU, is currently already being prepared.


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