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thatched roofs and facades at lake Fleesensee

The work of the thatchers:inside in our project at Fleesensee is progressing. The thatched roofs and facades of the group of houses offer a number of advantages. For example, they ensure less heat loss in winter with less heating in summer and are extremely storm- and rainproof, snowproof and frost-resistant. They are highly diffusible, air-filtering, dust-proof, and they regulate humidity in the house. Precipitation water is quickly and directly drained to the eaves. And of course: thatch is a purely natural product - renewable and later completely biodegradable. An excellent material that also exudes a high degree of attractiveness. Interpreted in a modern way - as here in our project - it forms the bridge between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary-modern architecture. We are looking forward to the further steps in the building project!


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