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quartier mehring

At the back of the striking high-rise building on Platz der Luftbrücke, which was renovated by wolff:architekten in 2017, is a spacious, sealed courtyard area that is used as a parking lot. In close cooperation with the district and district councilor Florian Schmidt, a concept for the new 9500 sqm gross floor area in Mehring was developed at this point. In addition to 90 apartments, some of which are rent-controlled, it also offers large areas for social, cultural and commercial uses. Four individual buildings are to be created, which in their cubature mediate between the large-scale development in the south and the remaining listed parts of the “Wilhelmshöhe” villa colony. Together with the existing buildings, they will form a lively quarter in the future, which represents a strong unsealing compared to the existing buildings and at the same time offers new green spaces and reconnects existing ones. Constructed in a sustainable wood-hybrid construction method, the buildings allow for a variety of different floor plans and living concepts: from micro-apartments to family apartments and assisted living groups.



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berliner morgenpost

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